I am working with some AMAZING artists in my studio these days.

I am working with some AMAZING artists in my studio these days.
I produced the new release from Mexican star ALESSANDRA ROSALDO. Peggi Blu is co-producing with me, and has done an amazing job working with Alessandra on her vocals. The songs are great and this CD will rule the charts in both Spanish & English. Alessandra is a major star in many areas - she won the Mexican version of “Dancing With The Stars”, her former group “Sentidos Opuestos” had many hits and sold over 10 million records, and for the past few years has starred on many novellas (soap operas), hosted her own show, and starred in the Broadway musical “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”. Songwriters on this CD include myself, PEGGI BLU, JOSH SKINNER, MICHAEL ORLAND (“American Idol”), CASSIE SIMONE, JEFF TIMMONS (of the group “98 Degrees”), singer-actress ALISAN PORTER, GARY GREENBERG, FERGIE REID, and ALESSANDRA herself. Background vocals are by some of the best singers in the world - TERRY BRADFORD (Celine Dion), BRIDGETTE BRYANT (Stevie Wonder), PEGGI BLU, and Alessandra. With her brilliant manager JAIME ROSALDO SANCHEZ and longtime music biz vet/consultant RON ALEXENBURG involved, this CD is guaranteed to FLY high and far!!!!

The debut solo CD I produced on Swedish pop diva SARA LUMHOLDT, formerly of the multi-million selling group "A*TEENS" is finally finished. Sara, JOSH SKINNER, and myself wrote all the songs, along with some great co-writers like MICHAEL ORLAND (“American Idol”), GARY GREENBERG, WILL WHEATON, and FERGIE REID. This CD will BLOW everybody's mind! Famed musician GARY HERBIG added some killer sax riffs to one of the songs. This CD is like nothing you've ever heard. Sara will blow up big-time when this comes out. It will be played on the radio, concerts, TV, movies, etc. There's nothing this girl can't do!

I co-produced (with singer/songwriter ORVILLE STOEBER) the CD that accompanies world renown author MARGARET ATWOOD’s new book “Year Of The Flood”. It’s currently climbing up the best seller list in both the US and the UK. The songs by Margaret & Orville are all beautiful and rocking. Besides Orville’s great vocals and acoustic guitar playing we were also blessed to have Brian Wilson Band percussionist NELSON BRAGG perform on the CD. I participated onstage in two performances from the book in LA and New York. Vocal group SONOS added a wonderful choral dimension to the songs onstage as well.

Latino heart-throb and up and coming 'Rock-en-Espanol' star ROBERTO ENRIQUE has been working on his second CD produced with me for the past few months, in between radio shows and out of town mega-concerts. He is amazing - both live and in the studio!
PAUL ANTHONY of the brilliant musical group FULL FORCE was recently in working on some new tracks for an amazingly talented group of teen girls named GLAM. They will be tearing up the charts before you can blink your eyes. These girls are like a female Jackson 5. And an absolute joy to work with. Oh yeah – Paul is one of the most talented people I have ever worked with in the studio.
Peggi and I have also finished a bunch of tracks for a new teen singing duo - "ULTIMATE HOT MESS". One of the songs, "Tongue Tied" was just featured on MTV's "The Hills". The Landers sisters (Lindsey & Kristy) are beautiful, talented, and very classy. And also from a long line of talented people. Their mother is actress JUDY LANDERS, their aunt is actress AUDREY LANDERS, and their dad is former LA Dodgers pitcher TOM NIEDENFUER. Quite a bloodline! They are starring in an upcoming new reality show.

I produced the new CD "Annointing" by Catholic artists VALLIMAR & FRANK JANSEN (Spirit & Song Records). They just won 2 UNITY AWARDS (the Catholic version of the Dove Awards) for "Best Gospel Album" and "Best Gospel Song - Wade in the Water". Aaron Neville hosted the show. Congrats to my dear friends Val & Frank - they deserve many accolades for their beautiful CD! Guests on the CD include the world-famous choir leader EDWIN HAWKINS & THE EDWIN HAWKINS SINGERS. I also produced ValLimar & Frank's previous CD "You Gotta Move".

Songwriting giant BURT BACHARACH has been in working on a new song he wrote with ELVIS COSTELLO, plus a bunch of great songs he wrote with STEVEN SATER, 8-time Tony winning writer of the Broadway hit "Spring Awakening". It is truly an honour to work on Burt's always amazing music.
Legendary artist NEIL SEDAKA has a new CD coming out on Razor & Tie Records. I co-produced with Neil the soon-to-be classic “You”. Hitmaker DAVID FOSTER also produced one of the songs on the CD.

The new band I am producing - the "IT BOYS" - are just tearing it up here in the studio. We've finished 3 songs so far - the funkiest version of Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" you've ever heard, a floor stomper called "Lucky Lady Love", and a brand new amazing song "Keep Singing". These guys can sing, write, play, etc. They are SOOO good! Check out some samples at their website and MySpace sites. They count among their fans Demi Lovato, Lindsay Lohan, and Pete Wentz.

We (PEGGI BLU & I) finished the fantastic new CD from Filipino superstar IMELDA PAPIN - "Voice Of The Heart". She is singing her butt off, and we are all in great hands with RON ALEXENBURG on board as a consultant and general "fix everything and make it right" person. The CD is released on 618 Records and distributed by Warner/ADA. You can get it at iTunes & other online sites, as well as Borders and other stores.

Legendary British rocker DAVE MASON has released his new CD "26 Letters, 12 Notes". I worked with Dave on the production along with some amazing people like Ron & Howie Albert. Dave has always been one of my favorite guitarists! I also mixed and mastered Dave's "Live At XM Radio" concert CD, featuring Dave's killer live band!

New artist PAGE JACKSON has a killer Rock-n-Gospel CD on the way! Page is right on time with this - worship music can kick butt as well as soothe!

BETSY HAMMER (Associate Music Supervisor for ADAM SANDLER) just finished working with me on her new CD. Besides her great songs and vocals, some amazing musical guests have stopped by the studio to lend their talents - among them world renown guitarist WADDY WACHTEL, legendary harmonica player TOMMY MORGAN, famed violinist BRUCE DUKOV, & drummer/percussionist NELSON BRAGG (Brian Wilson's band).

I promise to finish my own solo CD in the VERY near future. My wife and many others have been nagging me to do this for sooooo many years. As anybody who has worked with me knows, I will NOT be singing on this. But I promise to have some AMAZING singers as guests on a few tracks.
I love making music!!!!! And I love all of the wonderful artists who travel near and far to work with me.

Roberto Enrique

The new CD "Un Nuevo Dia" from Latino Rock sensation Roberto Enrique is finally available in wide release (iTunes). Ted produced the entire CD with Roberto, which brings together classic Ranchero style music with elements of rock, R&B, pop, and hip hop. The number of radio stations playing Roberto's music is growing weekly.
Dave Mason XM Radio

Ted recently mixed and mastered a live XM Radio concert by British classic rock guitar hero and songwriter Dave Mason. Mason, known for his hit "Feeling Alright", has also been a member of the groups "Traffic" and "Fleetwood Mac". He also played on legendary recordings by Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones.

Ted has had some of his original songs featured in the TV show "The Shield", starring Michael Chiklis.
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My First #1 CD!!!!

The "5 Browns" CD I worked on ("Browns In Blue" - Sony) just went to #1 on Billboard's Classical Charts. I mixed the duet of them with legendary Rat Pack singer Dean Martin on the track "Everybody Loves Somebody". It sounds GREAT!

It's available now at iTunes.

"Everybody Loves Somebody" was mixed on a Jim Roseberry-built Windows computer using RME & M-Audio hardware, Steinberg's Nuendo program software, a zillion Universal Audio plugins, Drumagog's excellent drum replacement plugin, PSP's awesome plugins, Event Precision 6 speakers, and rendered in Sony Digital's Sound Forge. A killer combination of software and hardware!! I double-checked the final mix on my Ultrasone 700 headphones.

It's also the first song mixed at my wife Peggi Blu's and my new studio - "THE RANCH". A great way to start!
Special thanks to Joel Diamond for bringing the project to me!


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Ted makes his movie onscreen debut!

Some of you may already know this, but I just arranged, programmed, recorded, and played everything on 3 songs in the new Adam Sandler/Jessica Biel hit movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry". I even appear onstage at the end with Lance Bass of *NSYNC - my movie debut!

It's a great and hilarious movie! Adam Sandler is great, as are Kevin James, Ving Rhames, Dan Akroyd, Steve Buscemi, Peter Dante, Rob Schneider, and Jessica Biel.

Sandler's "Happy Madison Films" is a first class production company to work for! I'm proud to be involved with such classy people.

(kudos to longtime Sandler music producer/supervisor Brooks Arthur, music supervisor Michael Dilbeck, and associate music supervisor Betsy Hammer.)

New Neil Sedaka CD!

The Definitive Collection is out NOW - don't forget to pick up your copy in stores NOW! I co-produced (with Neil) two songs on this which are available now on iTunes - "You" and "Been There, Done That".

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Electronic Musician has added a podcast to their website. I am their first interview.
Check it out. We discuss a wide variety of topics that you'll find very useful and interesting.

EM Cast
Welcome to the monthly podcast from EM This is the debut of EM Cast, the monthly podcast of Electronic Musician magazine. This month's podcast features an interview with producer Ted Perlman (Bob Dylan, Burt Bacharach, Brian Wilson, Lance Bass of *NSYNC, etc.), as well as studio-maintenance advice from Sergio Samayoa a studio technician and computer consultant. Regular features include a look at new gear with EM associate editor Geary Yelton, and a preview of the January issue with editor-in-chief Steve Oppenheimer.

"New Music From An Old Friend"

On February 25th, 2007 a new CD is coming out that Ted worked on - "New Music From An Old Friend". Ted played the guitar solo and recorded Brian's background vocals on one of the Brian Wilson tracks - "What Love Can Do", and co-produced "Still Remember" with Burt Bacharach. Music business genius and legend Phil Ramone served as the executive producer of the CD. It is the first release from 180 Music and Target's 'Spotlight Music Series', and will be released exclusively in Target stores nationwide. Some other very high profile singer/songwriters are also featured on the CD, including Carole King, Paul Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx and more. Each artist recorded two new tracks for this album: a remake of one of their signature songs, plus a brand new one.

New Sedaka CD Goes Gold in UK

Ted produced (with Neil) all SEVEN of the new songs on Universal's new two-CD set, “The Show Goes On: The Very Best of Neil Sedaka”. It entered the U.K. album chart at #20, making it Sedaka’s highest-charting set since “Timeless,” an earlier hits collection, peaked at No. 10 in November 1991. The CD has already been certified Gold, selling in excess of 100,000 copies the first week.


On March 20th, on ABC at 10:00 PM, both PEGGI BLU and TED PERLMAN were seen in the part of the show focusing on our dear friend VALENTINO’s hip replacement surgery. The brilliant doctors at “Miracle Workers” replaced both of Valentino’s badly damaged hips with brand new ones! He was walking the same day. It’s amazing to watch and experience his joy at finally being able to walk again without pain.

PEGGI is shown and interviewed at various places including her house and at the hospital. PEGGI, TED, and VALENTINO are shown performing an original song they wrote “I’m Back.” It’s a great song and the three of us sound great together!

10:00 PM - Monday, March 20th

The Burt Bacharach CD "At This Time" won the 2006 Grammy in the "Pop Instrumental" category.
Ted Adds Brauner - from MIX Magazine

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Ted Perlman Loves A-Designs.
Ted worked on four of the tracks from the Grammy winning Burt Bacharach CD "At This Time" (Columbia). Featured guests include Dr.Dre, Elvis Costello, Rufus Wainwright, Printz Board from the Black Eyed Peas, Mike Elizondo, and Chris Botti. View the credits. Listen to a preview.
Ted produced eight of the sixteen songs on this new "Spirit & Song" release, including one under his own name, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" featuring Ted on solo nylon string acoustic guitar (Listen to a sample here), and a duet of "Mary Did You Know" featuring Christian singing star Jesse Manibusan (Listen to a sample here).
"Can't Go Back" REMIX - from Peggi Blu's excellent CD "Livin' On Love" (Expansion Records in the UK and Europe). This is a new remix of the track that hit #1 on radio charts in five European countries. It appears on the new 'Andreas Hellingh Presents' release "Soul Exposed" (Expansion Records UK). Listen to a preview here.
Ted arranged, programmed, mixed, mastered, and served as Associate Producer on this new Christmas CD from Neil Sedaka. It's available now at the QVC Network. Listen to a preview here.
Ted produced two songs (including one he wrote) on Will Wheaton's new CD "Old School Soul" - "When Nobody Gave A Damn" and "Any Other Way". It's available at willwheaton.com, and at many online stores. Listen to a preview.
Kelly Christian's new Ted Perlman-produced CD "Eleven 21" has just been released, and is currently available at www.cdbaby.com. Rocker Kelly was the only independent artist nominated in 2003 as Male Artist of the Year alongside major label artists Eminem, John Mayer, Uncle Kracker and Nelly. Listen to a preview.